Another Day, Another Shooting

The Vegas shootings didn’t surprise me. These mass shooting occur frequently in America.

I’ve been fortunate in that I haven’t been in the middle of one of these mass shootings, and neither have any of my close friends or family members.

Still, with each shooting I get more and more uncomfortable being out in the world.

After the 2015 Lafayette shooting during the Amy Schumer movie, I started planning my escape route whenever I went to the theatre. Ultimately, I decided that the best place to be was in the back, near the stairs. That way, when the shooter comes in and starts firing, I can leap over the divider between the entrance and stairs. I may break a leg on the jump but the adrenaline should keep me going to the parking lot.

During Rogue One, when my boyfriend’s trip to the bathroom went on a bit too long, I wondered if there was a shooter in one of the theatres. Maybe everyone in my theatre couldn’t hear it over the sounds of shooting coming from the movie. And maybe the shooter got my boyfriend.

There wasn’t a shooter and my boyfriend returned, but these are realities. These are things that can and do happen.

And when they happen, I feel so hopeless. Every time this happens, people speak up and say that we need to do something. We need to make it harder to get guns. But then nothing happens.

Life goes on, for those of us not gunned down, and then a couple months later it happens again in a different venue, in a different city.

For now, here’s the gofundme page for the victims.

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