Apartment Hunting with White Guilt

gentrification in progress signAs I mentioned in a previous post, I just moved into a temporary apartment in NYC. I have to be out of the apartment that I’m currently in in 30 days, so I’m still looking for a permanent home in the city.

I knew that the prices were going to be rough and I made sure to put together a budget accordingly, cause I’m an adult. Also, because I have issues with money from growing up poor.

Unfortunately, with my budget, all of the neighborhoods that I’m looking in have been or are currently being gentrified. If you don’t know what that means, it means that white people have come into neighborhoods that are low-income and have a lot of minorities. They’ve renovated apartments and opened up Whole Foods, which has in turn brought rent prices up to prices that are unaffordable for the people who previously lived their.

As a white women, I’m conflicted about moving to these neighborhoods.

Michael Che, a comedian, made a joke in on of his specials that white women are fearless and take everything. “Brooklyn’s mines now,” Michael Che said in his best valley girl accent.

So, if I move to Harlem, for example, I’m just one more white person adding to the problem. On the other hand, I can’t possibly afford other areas unless I get 5 roommates. And I’m sorry, but at 30, I’m done living with roommates. I just want to fuck and masturbate in peace.

Displace minorities or fuck in earshot of another human being? Ugh, when I put it that way, I sound like an asshole.

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