Beware Murderous Fish

Natural History Museum pic of fish with lures.
As if fish weren’t creepy enough.

I went to the Natural History Museum last week to try and get some culture and I got the flu instead.

Before I was confined to my bed, I did learn a lot of things that I was probably supposed to learn in high school, but wasn’t paying attention. For instance, I learned that many fish at the very bottom of the ocean have found some creepy ways to adapt. Some grow appendages to lure their food in. If the appendages are bitten off, they just grow back.

I spent most of my time in the ocean exhibit, despite not being a fish person,. My dad is the fish person in the family. (Is that a thing? Does every family have a fish person?)

My dad used to have a big, standing fish tank in the living room. I wasn’t into it until he took me to the store to pick out my own fish. There was a knife fish, I don’t remember it’s exact name, but I believe that’s its nickname. The fish was arched at the top with a flat bottom. I thought it looked bad ass, so we got it and put it into the tank when we got home.

Over the next couple days, we woke up to headless angel fish floating at the top of the tank. It became apparent that my fish was murdering all the other fish while we slept.

My dad tried to do a nice thing for me and in return I sent in a fish to murder all of his beloved angel fish. But it’s kind of his fault for not asking someone at the store if the fish was a murderous asshole. He was the adult after all.

I don’t know where I’m going with this.

Fish are weird, I guess.  Also, do some research before you fill up your fish tank.

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