Car Woes

At 31-years-old, I bought my first car. And by bought, I mean financed cause who the fuck has the money to buy a whole car? I can buy an engine for a car, but not a whole car.

After panicking over the monthly payments, I ended up with a slightly used 2018 Subaru Forester.

I was pretty happy with my investment. It drove great and the visibility was amazing. I felt like a giant on the road. I drove it home in a hail storm and didn’t skid off the road and die. Bonus points!

Everything was great and then within 24 hours a truck’s giant tires threw a fucking rock at the windshield and chipped it. Why??

I tried to make an appointment with Subaru, but apparently my bumper to bumper warranty doesn’t cover windshields and they don’t even do windshield repairs. So I ended up at a specialty place to get the chip repaired.

They did as good a job as they could. The chip is still slightly visible, but I don’t have to worry about it turning into a crack. I was relieved and ready to go back to enjoying my new car. And then pebbles came and rained on my fucking parade and onto my windshield, putting 3 more chips in it.

I got home and starting researching the problem cause my luck isn’t that bad. There was something going on. I ended up finding a thread on Subaru owner site where people complained of their windshield cracking often and sometimes for no reason.

Fuck me for not researching which cars have the best windshields, right? I thought we had this technology down.

Apparently not.

I’ve been chip free for a week, but I leave a large distance between me and the car in front of me. If I end up behind a truck, I change lanes. I park my car as far away from trees and their menacing branches that I can. And the slightest noise of something hitting my windshield spikes my adrenaline. I’m waiting for the day that the windshield on my 5-digit investment shatters on me.

Until then, if you see a Subaru behind you on the road, do them a favor and switch lanes.

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