Diagnosis: Millennial Callus

Some people get calluses from playing beautiful music on a guitar. Others from carving detailed sculptures from wood.


I got my callus from playing games on my phone. It’s the millennial’s callus.

At first I couldn’t figure out where the strange bump in the middle of my palm came from. Did I have a weird cyst in my palm? Did someone implant a chip under my skin to track me?

I brought these up to my friend and she told me about getting a callus on her pinky from using her phone.

I just got one of those ring stands for my phone and when I slip my finger in, it leaves a corner of the phone in my palm, right where the callus is. I too have a phone callus.

It must have happened after last weekend spent playing hours and hours of games on my phone. I have a food truck game where I make people food under time pressure. And a dot game where I link dots to make them go away. And.. you know, I don’t think I need to give any other sad details about how I spend my weekends.

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