I Ate My Way Through New York; Someone Get Me a Vegetable

My boyfriend flew out to NYC from Michigan last Thursday to visit me for 5 days. He’s not a big fan of NYC. We took a trip to NYC about a year and half ago and stayed in a hotel in Chelsea.

It was loud and crowded, of course. And it just got louder and more crowded when we trekked it up to go see Book of Mormon as the area was filled with tourists like us. He hated every minute of the crowds and noise; said he couldn’t think.

Well, I moved to Harlem last month where it’s actually possible to think. My neighborhood isn’t as crowded. The sidewalks are wider. I have two large parks to west of me and Central Park just a few blocks to the south.

I was determined to make my boyfriend like it here. Which meant that instead of cooking, I took him to the best restaurants I could find.

And that’s how we ended up eating our way through NYC. It started with a restaurant down the block from me that had great jerk chicken and shrimp and grits. Next we hit up a seafood place down the street from me that served us up a big bag of shrimp and crawfish.

It continued on with barbecue in Brooklyn, pizza, croissants, hot dogs, bubble tea, beer etc.

Even though I kept my portions small, I’m pretty sure I still gained at least 5lbs.

Now that my boyfriend is gone, I don’t want to see another piece of food. And I’m in desperate need of a vegetable.

Oh God. One of my friends is flying in Friday to see me. The cycle is going to start again in a couple of days.

Please send vitamins and vegetables.

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