I Feel Bad for Nags

Now that I’m a nag, I can’t help but feel bad for them.

You see, us nags don’t want to nag, but people make us. They make us nag by not keeping promises, going past deadlines, and ignoring our requests.

I have to nag my dog’s insurance for the $4000 they owe me after his knee surgery in August. I have to nag my landlord to send over pest control so that I don’t have to commit genocide with my vacuum every day. And every day at work I nag people to give me info so that I can do my fucking job and get people to stop nagging me.

I actually created a script that will email my landlord once a week with the list of things around the house that still need to be fixed. Yes, I automated my nagging. Of course the landlord doesn’t know that. He probably just thinks that I’m oddly punctual as I email him every Thursday at 2pm.

If there’s a nag in your life, know that they don’t want to be this way. You made them like this. And only you can stop the nagging by doing whatever it was that they fucking asked you to do in the first place.

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