NANOWRIMO stands for National Novel Writing Month. People all around the world spend the month of November trying to write 50,000 words of a novel. Throughout the month there are tears, chocolate, word sprints, and lots of bitching about how hard writing is.

I love it.

My NANOWRIMO profile says that I’ve participated for the last 7 years, but that’s a lie. I had a different account previously. So, I’ve actually participated for the last 11 years.

And I’ve won (wrote 50k words) 3 out of the 11 years. Not great.

The problem is that I come up with a great storyline… for a short story. Nothing ever goes deep enough or has enough plot to last 50,000 words. And then I get frustrated because it’s not like I’m going to publish this anyway. I’m not a fiction writer!

So, this year, to prevent quitting 20k words in, I’ve decided to write something that can last 50k words and something that I’d actually want to find a publisher for.

The result will hopefully be a book of essays about my time working at a failing online lingerie retailer.

I think I can mine 50,000 words from that 1 and a half year period of my life thanks to a psychotic boss, the bizarre lingerie industry, and going to work every day knowing that I could be fired.

At least something good will come out of that dark dark period.

Anyone else doing NANOWRIMO this year?

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2 thoughts on “NANOWRIMO is Upon Us

  1. I’m doing nano this year. I also have a fairly new profile, so according to that, this will be the third year. I think there were quite a few before that, but I haven’t been in the old profile recently enough to know for sure. More than ten, anyway.

    1. Yay! Another old school NANOWRIMOer. I went to a kick off event and the people I met had only done it a couple times. They couldn’t believe that I’ve been doing it for over a decade. Good luck on your writing this year!

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