Ode to Airports

Please watch your step.

I’m about to make an unpopular statement that will surely stop the one person who’s been reading my blog posts (thank you!) from reading any more of them.

I love airports.


Yup. I do. Which is why I’m writing this post from the Detroit Airport two and half hours before my flight. I actually left early because I wanted to sit in the airport.

I enjoy the people watching.

I just saw a middle-aged guy with glasses walking fast while holding a comically large drawing pad. I like to imagine that he was on his way to an interview for a design job that was going to change his life.

Just before he walked by, I saw a woman pushing a stroller with a carseat on her back. Yup, she was carrying a car seat almost as large as she was on her back.

I enjoy the restaurants and little shops.

At the San Francisco airport (SFO for those in the know), I had the best banana, strawberry, Nutella crepe of my life. It was so good that I watched my flight board while they made it. I was prepared to miss my flight for this crepe.

In the Albuquerque airport (ABQ), I went into a little gift shop and found all kinds of amazing and colorful pottery made by local artists. I also found hot peppers that were as big as bananas.

And of course, there are all kinds of little book stores. Even though I bring my Kindle with me when I’m flying I tend to buy books from the airport bookstores. I can’t help myself. This is how I ended up struggling to stuff “Get Your Shit Together” by Sarah Knight into my already overfull purse, wedging it between my Macbook and my Kindle.

I even enjoy the moving walkways that get you from one side of the airport to the other quicker.

My least favorite part about the airport is boarding. I always wait until the last minute to get on, not ready to trade in my airport adventure for a small seat in an airplane where I spend the entire flight trying to make myself as small as possible.

On that note, I’m going to order another Blue Moon and make the most of my current leg space.

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