Playing the World’s Smallest Violin for White Supremicists

I check the news to see a white supremacists rally where a person was murdered.

Seriously, white dudes in America? Do you really have it that hard? Looking at this picture of all the US presidents, I’d say, no.

It seems that many of them were upset about a statue being of Confederate General Robert E. Lee being taken down. They’re afraid that they’re going to lose their history. And what a history it is. Let’s do a quick recap of the history of white men in America.

  • White men came to a place that was already occupied by other people, but decided that it was going to be yours anyway.
  • White men slaughtered the natives and took the land from them.
  • White men kidnapped Africans to do all the hard work that you didn’t want to do.
  • And then white men pretty much coasted.

But, of course, along the way, slavery was abolished, women got the right to vote, and we elected a MIXED president (he was half white, ya’ll). With every concession, white men have gotten more and more butt hurt.

White men seem to think that if another group gets equal treatment that they lose something. They don’t. Equal treatment literally means the same treatment; not we get more, you get less.

Black people want to be able to live and work in this country without getting killed for looking like a “bad dude.” Immigrants want the opportunity to live and work in a country where they’re not being killed by real terrorists. Gay people want to be able to hold hands with their partner in public without being harmed. Women want to be able to go out and not get raped.

None of these groups have said that they want white men to get less or suffer. And you know why? Because no one who has faced the hatred and horrors that minorities have faced would wish it on anyone else, not even the white men doing them harm.

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