Things I’ve Seen in NYC so Far

Between work during the week and visitors on the weekends, I haven’t had a chance to write. So with that shitty excuse, I give you a list instead.

  • A man screaming in the street in broad daylight, butt naked.
  • A woman pushing a stroller and drinking a beer, without pants on.
  • A man pissing on the street in front of at least 20 people.
  • A woman and two men ripping subway doors open to save her dog who was on the other side still attached to her via the leash.
  • A man spitting on the floor of a movie theatre, like 10 feet away from a garbage can.
  • A rat, the largest I’ve ever seen, running away from my building.
  • A drunk kid putting his fist in front of a man and then getting angry when the guy told him to get his hand out of his face.
  • A man killing a large cockroach in a pizza place that I was eating at.
  • A woman loudly pouring glass after glass of wine during the 1984 play. She couldn’t go without a drink for an hour and 40 minutes.
  • A man screaming that he was going to throw himself in front of the train when it came. He didn’t.
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