Third Time’s Probably Not a Charm

Where did the saying the “third time’s a charm” come from? I could Google it, but I prefer to speculate.

Was it meant to encourage someone who’s failed twice at something to keep trying? And if so, do we really want to encourage someone who was ready to give up after two failed tries?

I failed my road test three times before I finally got my license… eight years later.

I submitted close to a hundred job applications and interviewed at five different companies before landing an awesome full-time job.

I started and gave up on six blogs, just to start this blog.

I guess what I’m getting at is that if you really want something you’re willing to fail a hell of a lot more than two times to get it. So maybe we shouldn’t encourage those people who are ready to give up after two failures. Maybe they don’t really want it and we shouldn’t pressure them into something that’s going to make them miserable.

I had exactly two bad theatre performances before I decided to change my major from Theatre to English.

I wrote two shitty novels before realizing that I don’t really enjoy writing long form fiction.

I tried oysters once and decided that I never needed to eat them again.

So maybe we should change the saying from “third time’s a charm” to “third time’s probably not going to work out and it may take many more attempts, so if you’re not ready for that much failure now’s a good time to stop trying”.

Hmm, I guess that’s not as catchy.

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